It is beneficial to get a vaccine after recovering from corona, the first dose will also work as a booster

New Delhi. The second wave of corona in the country is not over yet. New variants of Corona are taking people in their grip. Along with research on medicines to deal with Kovid 19, new studies are being done regarding its effects. However, so far only Vaccine with Kovid Analog Behavior (CAB) has emerged as an effective remedy.

Central and state governments are also emphasizing about vaccination in the country, as well as appealing to more and more people to get the vaccine. However, for those who have been cured after being corona positive and antibodies have been formed in their body to fight corona, the government and health experts are advising them not to get the vaccine for a few days.

People recovering from corona are being advised that if they do not get the vaccine even for three months to six months, then they are completely safe from corona. However, many people are taking the vaccine within a few days of recovery from Corona. In this regard, doctors also say that doing so is not harmful, but can be very beneficial in the era of new variants of corona.

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In such a situation, Dr. MC Mishra, former director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), says about the people who take the vaccine without waiting for three months as soon as they recover from the corona, that apart from the corona vaccine, the booster dose of the vaccine around the world ( There is also a debate about Booster Dose). Scientists are debating whether it may be right to apply a booster dose to prevent any dose of corona or new infection and to bring the body in a stronger state.

Antibodies start to form in the body after taking the first dose of the vaccine (Photo- news18 English via twitter)Indicative photo (pixabay)

will work as a booster dose

Dr. MC Mishra says that although no decision has been taken on the booster dose of corona vaccine yet, but if the vaccine is also administered after the antibodies formed after the corona, then it will definitely work as a booster dose in the body. Such scientists estimate that this will save the person’s body from being hit by mutations or new variants of the corona.

Therefore, this time frame cannot be fixed, but if any person takes the vaccine after one month, two months, three months or six months after recovery from corona, then it is beneficial. There is no harm in this.

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Immunity increases by taking the vaccine even within a year

At the same time, Dr. NK Arora of ICMR says that if a person who has recovered from corona is also given a vaccine, then his immunity becomes even better. Due to which the effect of any variant of Corona on it becomes difficult.

The vaccine is proving to be very effective in this war being fought with Corona. At the same time, new research being done regarding corona and vaccine is also coming to the fore. A recent research has revealed that after recovering from corona, the patient’s immunity remains strong for about a year, due to which he is less prone to Kovid-19 again. In such a situation, this capacity increases even more if the vaccine is available before the completion of one year.

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