Internet sensation has become the blonde of the village, she is cooking bread on the stove and the public is getting addicted

This girl baking bread has become an overnight sensation.

There is no confidence when, who will be visible on social media viral video. Be it Pakistani Tea Vendor Viral, Taiwanese meat seller (Taiwan Pork Queen) or the girl who has become the latest sensation in India (Beautiful Girl Video), who is carelessly baking rotis on the stove. And people are dying on its beauty.

Many times something is seen on the Internet, seeing which people start getting sleepless nights. Something similar is happening at the moment on all the platforms of social media viral video. Here a beautiful and lovely village girl (Beautiful Girl Video) is prevailing. Neither any style nor any hi-fi makeup, she is just doing her job with simplicity. Yes, people are losing heart on one of his smiles.

First of all, people are very fond of this video posted on Instagram (Viral on Instagram). In a few days, not only has it got millions of views, but it has also been shared on different platforms. Whoever is looking at the beautiful girl seen in the video (Beautiful Girl Video Cooking Roti) is praising her beauty. Neither anyone knows this girl nor will she herself know how many fans have become her, but her innocence is living in the hearts of those who watch.

girl baking bread in the openIn the viral video, it can be seen that this girl is cooking Roti on the stove in an open place. Somebody made a video of it while cooking bread. She also gives a slight smile once she looks at the camera. That smile is what’s hitting this video. It is being liked a lot on the internet.

Video has been viewed millions of times

The video has been shared from the Instagram account named Jasmine Saini. It has been viewed more than 15 lakh times and it has also got likes in lakhs. Don’t even ask about the comments. People are also commenting about the girl’s innocence, her beauty and dedication towards work. If someone is crazy about the natural beauty of the girl, then someone is comparing her to Bollywood actresses too.

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