International Youth Day 2020: know what its history, importance, and theme of this year

International Youth Day 2020: know what its history, importance, and theme of this year

International Youth Day 2020: know what its history, importance, and theme of this year

Hello friends Every year on August 12, the whole world celebrates as International Youth Day. It was first started in 2000. On this special occasion, different programs are organized to recognize the youth around the world and appreciate their works.

However, this year an online event will be organized to stop the spread of coronavirus. The main purpose of World Youth Day is to discuss the participation and views of youth on social, economic to political issues. Youth is the driver of society and it has the power, which can change the direction of any society and policies.


Why International Youth Day is celebrated?

Today all countries should focus on their young population. Everyone is facing problems like unemployment but the youth are suffering a great loss in it. The government must help the youth in their path from education to becoming self-reliant. If anyone can change a country, it is the youth of that country. Every year Youth Day is celebrated to make it feel.

Know when it started:

On 17 December 1999, the United Nations General Assembly ruled to celebrate it, that on August 12, International Youth Day would be celebrated. It was first observed in the year 2000. The United Nations declared International Youth Year in 1985.

International Youth Day

What is this year's theme 2020:

Like every year, this time also the United Nations General Assembly has chosen a theme on the occasion of International Youth Day. The theme this time is “youth participation for global work”. This theme aims to enrich the way national and multilateral institutions and processes are exposed, as well as to promote their representation and participation in formal institutional politics, to highlight the way of youth participation at local and global levels.


Know how to celebrate World Youth Day:

Every year, International Youth Day selects a United Nations theme. Several programs are organized around this theme for the youth and by the youth all over the world. This day is celebrated in schools by sports, seminars, essay writing competitions, presentations, yogasanas, conferences, singing, music, lectures, parades, etc.


First place in India's youth population:

Talking about the young population, India ranks first in this matter. China is second and Pakistan third. 18% of the total population of India is young. In terms of population, there is about 25 crore youth population in the country. The youth in India is about 8 crores more than China. Talking about the world, youth constitute 16% of the total population of the world.