International Yoga Day 2021: Do yoga to stay healthy during the Corona period, the immune system will be strong

International Yoga Day 2021: Kovid-19 has completely changed our lifestyle. While the second wave of this virus is proving to be even more dangerous, the talk of the arrival of the third wave has raised even more fear. In such a situation, it is necessary to adopt ways to prevent this infection. For this, it is very important for your body’s immunity to remain good. In such a situation, yoga can prove to be a better option. It can play an important role in increasing immunity. Therefore, definitely include some special yoga asanas in your routine. While these will maintain the flexibility of your body, they will also improve the capacity of the lungs and strengthen your immunity.

You can start doing these yogasanas daily for a few minutes. However, before starting any kind of yoga practice, always consult your doctor and related expert.

Balasan: Balasana strengthens the muscles of the body. Along with this, belly fat also decreases by doing this. In this, sit on the ground with your knees bent and put all the weight of the body on your ankles. Then take a deep breath and lean forward. Keep in mind that your chest should touch your thighs. In this position, try to touch the floor with your forehead. Stay in this position for some time.

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Bhujangasana: In this time of corona infection, do some special yogasanas to strengthen the lungs. One of these is Bhujangasana. It keeps the lungs strong and makes the body flexible. It looks like a snake-like posture spreading its hood. That is why it is called Bhujangasana. To do this asana, first of all lie down on your stomach. After this, with the help of both your hands, lift the upper part of the body from the waist upwards. The elbows of the hands should be bent and the palm should be spread on the open ground. After this, without moving the rest of the body, move the face upwards. Stay in this position for some time.

Setubandha posture: Practicing Setubandha asana regularly strengthens the immune system. To do this asana, first of all lie down on your back. After that bend your knees. Now take a deep breath and lift your waist. Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds. While doing this asana, inhale slowly, keep exhaling. Then exhale and come to the ground. You can do this at least five times.
Uttanasana: This yoga asana is considered good for relieving stress and for the nervous system. To do this, first stand straight. Keep a distance of one foot between your feet and keep them straight. After this, taking a deep breath, move the hands down. But your legs should not bend from the knee. In this position, try to touch the toes with your hands. After this, move your hands backwards and try to hold the upper part of the heel. Stay in this posture for some time. Repeat this cycle three or four times.

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Tadasana: This is a yoga posture that brings flexibility in the muscles to a great extent. It lightens and relaxes the body. At the same time, it also melts the extra fat of the body. To do this, first you stand up and keep your waist and neck straight. Now raise your hand above the head and while breathing slowly pull the whole body. Feel the stretch from the toes to the toes. Maintain this state for some time and inhale and exhale. Then while exhaling, slowly bring your hands and body to the first position. In this way one cycle is completed. Tadasana yoga makes the whole body flexible. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)


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