International sex workers day: know why this day is celebrated

International sex workers day: know why this day is celebrated

International sex workers day: know why this day is celebrated

   Hello, Friends Every year on June 2, International Prostitute Day or International Sex Workers Day is celebrated. Let me tell you that in the 1970s, French police forced sex workers to work in secret. This resulted in the loss of protection of sex workers and more violence against them.

international sex workers day

   About 100 sex workers captured the Church of Saint-Nizier in Lyon, France, and went on strike. He then demanded the government to end this stigma. So that his anger about his criminal and exploitative living conditions can be expressed by the government.


Gave a document called Woman Without Room in Bochum: Germany

   On 29 May 2011, a reading called Woman Without Room in Bochum, Germany, documented that since 1975 there has been no improvement in the status of sex workers. It was unveiled in March 2007 at Oude Kerk in front of the bronze statue Belle in the Amsterdam district of the US with the statement “Respect sex workers worldwide”.


   In the nineteenth and early 20th centuries, the British started bringing girls from Europe and Japan. These girls used to provide sexual pleasure to soldiers. People believe that many Indians also joined this English army to get sexual pleasure.


   Talking about modern India, this profession spread rapidly during the British rule and its form completely changed. Talking about today’s time, at this time girls who dance in clubs and private parties are called bar girls. Let me tell you that the ancient king Rajwada and the people of the royal house used to invite the dancers in the ‘Gulf Mahfilon’.

The market of Prostitute is spreading rapidly on these places:

   Let me tell you that there are villages and towns on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka, where the prostitution business is booming. These areas are also given a name, and are known as the “Devadasi belt”.


   This business is just like a business. Jism costs, transactions take place. People do this work in such a professional manner that no one can tell that body trade is going on. Or anything else. According to a report by Havocoscope Research Institute, information has been given about the 12 largest sex markets in the world, including India.


This practice is 18000 years old:

   If you look at the existence of prostitution, then it is a practice of at least 18000 years ago. But with the development of the economic era, there has also been a change in the status of prostitutes. In relation to this, the imperialist era has developed and with the development of the imperialist era, women are being used as indulgence.


Names of the top 10 countries that include prostitution:

Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Colombia, Philippines, Kenya, Cambodia, Netherlands, Dominik Ganraj, etc