International Labor Day 2020: Why is Labor Day celebrated on 1 May and what is its history

International Labor Day 2020: Why is Labor Day celebrated on 1 May and what is its history

International Labor Day: Why is Labor Day celebrated on 1 May and what is its history

   Hello friends, “International Labor Day” is observed on May 1 all over the world. “International Labor Day” or “May Day” is also celebrated. In India, Mazdoor Day is celebrated as “Antashristi Shramik Divas”, ‘Uzhipalar Dinam’ (Tamil), or Worker’s Day. On 1 May 1923, the first formal celebration was started by the ‘Labor Kisan Party of Hindustan’.

International Labor Day

Labor Day celebrates with rallies and demonstrations around the world: - International Labor Organization (ILO)

   Mainly works towards increasing the value of the workers all over the world. Such as the abolition of forced labor, the demand for a minimum wage law, protecting the rights of migrant soldiers. The ILO primarily celebrates Labor Day with rallies and demonstrations around the world.


Know what is the history of Labor Day?

   World Labor Day was started on 4 May 1886 in commemoration of an incident in Chicago. This event is popularly known as ‘Hemakate Action’. At that time a general meeting was held by the people for the shift of 8 hours of work by the laborers. Which the police were trying to chase. When suddenly an unknown person attacked the police with a bomb.

  In the year 1877, the workers started a movement to demand their work hours fixed. After which, on May 1, 1886, lakhs of workers united all of America went on strike on this issue. In this strike, 3 lakh 80 thousand laborers from about 11 thousand factories participated.


   Due to which the police lost a lot of life and property. In which four people were also killed. There is a movement for the collective organization of working people around the world and the implementation of labor law. The incident in Chicago on May 1, 1886 caused an outcry that day. When laborers took to the streets to revolt against the hours of human work. After the protest the working hours were reduced from 12 hours to 8 hours.

"Labor Day" suggested in memory of workers: J. McGuire

Jay McGarr, Secretary-General of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joints and co-founder of the American Federation of Labor, was the man. Who suggested to mark this day in the memory of the workers. All countries of the world accepted International Workers’ Day. But around 60 nations celebrate this day by recognizing the efforts of the workers.


Let me tell you that the most disturbing fact among all the exploited laborers of the world is that most of them are children. About 200 million children are working in the world. Out of which around 24 million are working under extremely dangerous conditions.

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