International Kissing Day 2021: International Kissing Day is being celebrated today, know the history and importance

International Kissing Day: Today International Kissing Day or International Kissing Day is being celebrated all over the world. This special day has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. International Kissing Day is celebrated to celebrate the sacred practice of cultural diversity across cultures. On this special day, those who love each other in every corner of the world can be a part of this exciting time. Kissing has always been a symbol of love. On this day loving couples kiss each other and express their undying love for each other. It is believed that kissing on this day makes love even deeper. On this day, couples kiss each other to express their love. Kissing not only increases love, but also increases respect for each other. International Kissing Day has a history of its own. At the same time, the theme of International Kissing Day is also kept different every year. Let’s know everything about it.

History of International Kissing Day
International Kissing Day is celebrated every year on 6th July. Today is International Kissing Day. The motive behind this day is to bring the lovers closer. At the same time, people have to be told that kissing is not just physical attraction, but also a human connection. The day also commemorates the start of World War II, when the US and the United Kingdom signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with Japan.

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International Kissing Day, some people believe about this day, was started because of the desire of lovers to experience the sensual feeling of kissing. It is believed to be a direct result of the increase in social formalities associated with weddings and other types of official ceremonies. Today this day is celebrated in many countries of the world.

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Importance of International Kissing Day
People take the help of whom to express love and have fun. It is believed that kissing makes both the heart and mind happy. A kiss makes people young and removes the distance between two people. Kissing also reduces stress and tension. It can also improve the mood of the person. A research found that couples who kiss each other regularly, they remain physically healthy for a long time.


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