International Day of Non-Violence 2020: Know what is the history of this day and why this day is celebrated

International Day of Non-Violence 2020: Know what is the history of this day and why this day is celebrated

International Day of Non-Violence 2020: Know what is the history of this day and why this day is celebrated,

Hello friends, today is International Nonviolence Day. International Non-Violence Day is observed every year on 2 October. The birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Andolan and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence, is also on this day. At the same time, in Indian civilization, mystics have tried to explain and establish the importance of non-violence by performing “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma”. Non-violence and non-violent has been done as the highest religion of man.

History of International Non-violence Day:

International Day of Non-Violence

The United Nations General Assembly voted on 15 June 2007 to establish International Non-violence Day on 2 October. October 2 was accepted as International Nonviolence Day with the consent of all members in the General Assembly. More than 140 countries co-sponsored the proposal, out of a total of 191 member states of the United Nations General Assembly.


All these countries decided to celebrate International Day on 2 October to recognize the significance of non-violence and to acknowledge Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to the message of peace around the world through non-violence.

International days are opportunities to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to solve global problems, celebrate and strengthen humanity’s achievements. The existence of international hearts dates back to the founding of the United Nations, but the United Nations has adopted them as a powerful advocacy tool.

Ahimsa is not just about renouncing arms. Ahimsa is also not a rare weapon or a symbol of weakness. Violence is indeed a symbol and symbol of might. Yes, it can be of faith, spirit, and faith rather than mighty weapon or power.


In India, by achieving this type of non-violence from Mahatma Gandhi, as an infamous weapon, we have achieved our lost freedom. Today the whole world is well aware of this fact. Therefore, by wearing this same weapon, it can be possible to safeguard world peace in the true sense by barricading the elements of unrest and chaos spreading in the world against the caravans.

Know what is the meaning of India:

Let me tell you that Gandhi Ji has written at one place that India means, a great saga of great culture. Gandhi Ji wrote with full caution on this matter. If anyone element can be considered and said to be the basic characteristic of Indian culture, then according to this great culture, it is conscious. Today, the world seems to be widely attracted to Indian culture.

In our ancient texts, this country has been addressed as Dev Bhoomi. The gods, sages, and sages have incarnated here from time to time. This country has been a country with values and ideals. Non-violence has always been considered as imitative on this sacred land as a value of life. But Mahatma Buddha did the work of first giving it the form of grand life philosophy. Since then, Indian society culture and civilization has tried to give itself a non-violent form on a theoretical level.

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