Intense clashes between Taliban and resistance forces underway at Panjshir entrance: Reports | Intense clashes between Taliban and resistance forces continue at Panjshir entrance

Digital Desk, Kabul. Local reports said heavy fighting is going on between the Taliban and resistance forces led by Ahmed Masood in the Gulbahar area, the gateway to Panjshir in Afghanistan. There are unconfirmed reports of the Taliban blowing up a bridge connecting Gulbahar Road to Panjshir in the clashes, according to independent journalist Naitik Malikzada.

A day earlier on Monday, seven-eight Taliban fighters were killed in a fighting in the Panjshir Valley. Ahmed Masood’s spokesman Faheem Dashti said the Taliban attacked Panjshir on Monday night. He said that both sides suffered injuries in the incident while seven-eight Taliban fighters were killed.

On Sunday, the Taliban cut internet services in Panjshir to prevent former Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who had joined Panjshir’s army, from sharing his messages on Twitter.

Panjshir is the only province in Afghanistan that has not yet fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Many anti-Taliban terrorists have gathered in Panjshir. Ahmed Masood, son of the famous Afghan rebel commander Ahmed Shah Masood, is currently in the Panjshir Valley with Amrulla Saleh.


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