Indonesia plane crash: investigators found body parts at accident site

The personnel engaged in relief work recovered the debris


A passenger plane crashed after flying from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. Indonesian investigators said on Sunday that they had found body parts (body parts) near the capital Jakarta. This is the place where the plane crashed after taking flight. There were 62 people on board. Jakarta Police spokesman Usri Younus told Metro TV, “As of this morning, we have received two (body) bags, one bag attached to the passenger and the other containing body parts (body parts).”

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Flight number SJ182 was going from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta to the island of Borneo. The plane lost contact with the control room only 4 minutes after takeoff. According to the flatterdar keeping an eye on the aircraft, the aircraft dived below 10,000 feet in a minute. The aircraft was at an altitude of 10,900 feet and after that it came down sharply in 60 seconds. His signal was last found at 250 feet above sea level.

It is learned that the aircraft was 26 years old. The first flight of the aircraft took place in May 1994. It was a Boeing 737-500 classic aircraft. According to the information, investigators were engaged in the task of finding debris since the accident.



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