Indian railway station where you can’t catch train without passport-visa! Porters have BAN

If you want to go abroad from India then you need Passport and Visa. This is necessary so that the list of which citizen of India is going out, or who is coming to the country from outside, remains a list. Every Indian has to always carry passport and visa when going abroad. But if you come to know that there is such a place in India itself, where if you are caught without a passport or visa, then you will be directly imprisoned? You must be thinking that we are joking but it is not so. There is such a railway station in India, where you need a Pakistani visa.

The railway station we are talking about is the only station in the country where it is mandatory to have a visa. The name of this International Airconditioner Railway Station is Atari Shyam Singh Railway Station. It is located in the Amritsar district of Punjab. You must have a Pakistani visa to go to Attari railway station. If you don’t have a visa and you are caught at the station, you will end up in jail. This is the same station from where the Samjhauta Express is flagged off. This station is in India, but without a Pakistani visa, it is forbidden for Indians to go here.

Tight security at the station
Attari railway station is the only station in the country where visa is issued. Pakistan train runs from this station. For security reasons, there is a lot of security here. Apart from the 24-hour security camera, the intelligence agency is also keeping an eye here. If anyone is caught at this station without a visa, immediate action is taken against him. A case is registered against the person accusing him of being caught at an international place without a visa under the 14 Foreign Act. In many of these cases, it takes people years to get bail.

porter is not allowed to come
Tight security arrangements are in place at Attari station. In such a situation, it is forbidden for a porter to stay at this station. No matter how heavy the luggage you have, you will have to lift it alone. However, apart from this, you will be given all kinds of facilities here. If you have eaten food in the food court present here, then you will not be able to forget its taste for years. Also, you will get to hear and watch patriotic songs, movies on the LED TV installed here. If for some reason the train gets late here, then both the countries have to sign many papers for this.

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