Indian mission in Pakistan alert after abduction of Afghan ambassador’s daughter: Sources

Islamabad. India has also become alert after the news of the kidnapping of the daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan from Islamabad. According to sources, the Indian mission and their family members have been asked to remain alert. Sources said that the mission has been asked to take more precautions regarding security.

The daughter of the Ambassador of Afghanistan was kidnapped from Islamabad, held hostage for several hours and brutally assaulted. There is still tension between India and Pakistan on many issues. There is definitely a ceasefire on the border, but the neighboring country is promoting terrorist activities against India from its land.

No one has been arrested so far in connection with the shocking incident that happened on Friday with the daughter of the Ambassador of Afghanistan, Silsila Alikhil (26). Afghanistan’s foreign ministry has called for an immediate investigation into the matter and said Alikhil was “extremely tortured”. The medical report of the hospital said that he had been hit on the head, had rope marks on his wrists and legs and was severely beaten up. It is feared that many bones of the body of the ambassador’s daughter are broken and orders have been given to do X-rays.

The report said that he was held hostage for more than five hours and Islamabad police brought him to the hospital. Further details regarding Alikhil’s abduction and release were not available.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, “The safety and security of diplomatic missions, diplomats and their families is of utmost importance. Such incidents will not be tolerated.”

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