Indian Film Exporters Association renamed as Entertainment Content Owners Association of India (ECOA)

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Mumbai . Indian Film Exporters Association renamed as Entertainment Content Owners Association of India (ECOA) Has been done. Now a new modern logo has also been designed to reflect its new identity. in his new avatarhandjob ECOA All languages ​​on all audio visual platformshandjob Embraces and extends its membership to all entertainment content owners across genres and formats: says ECOA President Sushil Kumar Agarwal. In its new avatar, ECOA has embraced and subscribed all entertainment content owners across languages, genres and formats across all audio visual platforms – says Sushil Kumar Agarwal, President, ECOA.

ECOA Many Important associations And fixtheOf And FFI like Top bodies NS One Chief Member Too Is. ECOA Indian Film Exporters Association was formed in 1963 by Lim Billimoria and some other Indian film exporters to promote and facilitate the commerce of Indian films abroad. ECOA is a symbol of changing times and TVhandjob Embraces the huge growth of OTT and digital – so the body also wanted to bring them under its ambit and expand its membership on these platforms as well. Since its inception, ECOA has been representing, protecting and promoting the overall welfare of its members who have been entertainment content owners in India. It has been instrumental in protecting the various lawful content rights of the holder. This body encroachmenthandjob Also settles disputes related to double sale of rights by producers and copyright holders.
ECOA Of President Sushil Youth Agarwal Said: “We are extremely happy to relaunch ourselves and expand our services to more platforms. The entertainment landscape has changed a lot in the present times, both in terms of production and performance, so with it There are challenges too. At ECOA, we invite you all to be part of our wonderful family and trust us with our history and expertise to protect your content, so you can focus on those things. will be able to do what you are best at, ie: creating cutting-edge content and entertaining mankind on a global scale”.

The ECOA will issue notices to TV channels, OTT, digital and other existing and upcoming platforms for encroachment and violation of the rights of its members. The ECOA is also coordinating with the State and Central Governments, Legislative Authorities and other relevant departments to represent for reduction and amendment in Tariffs, Taxation, Levy, GST and other policy matters etc.

ECOA is also planning to approach the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting soon to be appointed as a empaneled association for content registration and other related activities. ECOA will regularly publish public information advertisements on its website detailing business acquisitions of various content and other rights disputes in the industry. It will also continuously disseminate business centric updates and developments to the members on a regular basis.

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