India vs England in Motera: World’s biggest cricket stadium, 10 interesting things to know about Motera

The revenue model of this stadium has also been made so that it is not difficult to maintain and it can also give profits. However, it tells you 10 special things about Motera that you will definitely be interesting to know.

1. Sardar Patel Stadium of the world’s largest Motera has been built on the lines of the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the banks of the Sabarmati River but larger than the MCG (capacity 90,000). It can accommodate 32 football fields of Olympic size. It and the Melbourne Cricket Ground have been designed by the famous Australian architect Populous. But pillars, unlike the Melbourne Cricket Ground, have not been used here.

2. Officials of Gujarat Cricket Association tell Fakhr that the idea was given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was the President of Gujarat Cricket Association. The specialty of this stadium, built on 63 acres of land, is that it has four dressing rooms, an Olympic size swimming pool, 76 corporate boxes. Each corporate box can seat at least 25 people. Apart from this, there is an indoor cricket academy, badminton and tennis courts, squash, table tennis area, three practice grounds and 50 rooms. All its 76 corporate boxes have just been leased for 25 years at the rate of Rs 2.5 crore. There are 11 pitches made of black and red clay on which matches will be played. Its drainage system is such that rain water can be extracted from here within 30 minutes.

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3. Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar made history by crossing the 10,000-run mark in Test matches against Pakistan in Motera itself. Not only this, former Indian captain Kapil Dev Motera took the 432nd wicket in 1995 (8 February 1994, Hassan Tillakaratne’s wicket) and then surpassed Sir Richard Headley’s record in taking the most wickets in the world. Sachin Tendulkar completed 30,000 international runs at the same stadium (playing against Sri Lanka in November 2009). Not only this, Sachin completed his 18000 runs (playing against Australia) in ODIs.

4. In all the World Cups held in India, Motera must have got hosting opportunities. The matches of 1987, 1996 and 2011 ICC ODI Cricket World Cup have been organized on Motera’s pitch.

5. So far, 12 Tests, 23 ODIs and one T20 match have been organized in Motera. In 12 Test matches, India has won 4, lost 2 and 6 matches have been drawn. In 16 ODIs, India won 7, lost 8, while India defeated Pakistan in 2012 in the only T20.

6. ‘Namaste Trump’ program was organized in this stadium on 24 February 2020, in which around one and a half lakh people attended. In this stadium, as a preparation, the match of Jai Shah XI vs Sourav Ganguly XI was made. Apart from this, the final of the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament has also been organized here this year.


7. The idea of ​​making this stadium bigger was given by Narendra Modi, who was then the Chief Minister of Gujarat and the President of Gujarat Cricket Association. Instead of renovating the stadium, he asked the Gujarat Cricket Association to make it the largest stadium in the world on the lines of Melbourne Cricket Ground.

8. It took almost two and a half years to start from 16 January 2007. Its work was to end in 2019. But eventually its work could be finished in February 2020. After that, the whole world came under the grip of corona infection. Playgrounds were also closed and the Sardar Patel Stadium of Motera had to bear the brunt of this. This stadium has been built by Lorson and Turbo Company. Larsen & Turbo has also built the Al Rayyan Stadium for the World Cup to be held in Qatar 2022, which has a capacity of 40,000.


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9. Three companies bid to build the existing stadium. Larsen and Turbo bid for Rs 677.19 crore, Shapoorji Polanji and Company Limited bid for 847.88 crore and Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited bid for Rs 1065 crore. Apparently Lorsen & Turbo won the bid and built the stadium.

10. Motera’s stadium was first built in 1983, which was renovated (renovated) in 2006. Till now 12 stadiums, 23 ODIs and 1 T20 match witness this stadium was demolished and rebuilt in 2015. It cost around 750-800 crore rupees (ie US $ 110 million) to build this stadium which was ready in 2020.


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