Independence Day 2020: PM Narendra Modi speech on a special day from Red Fort

Independence Day 2020: PM Narendra Modi speech on a special day from Red Fort

Independence Day 2020: PM Narendra Modi speech on a special day from Red Fort

Hello friends, India, the world’s largest democratic country, celebrates its 74th Independence Day today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the flag for the seventh time from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort on this occasion. He is the first non-Congress person to do so. The Prime Minister reached the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort at 7:20 am this morning. Tricolor hoisted at 7:30 am today.


He was then received by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Defense Secretary Dr. Ajay Kumar. Earlier, President Ram Nath Kovind addressed the nation on the eve of 74th Independence Day. The President first addressed the country in Hindi and English.

PM Modi addressed India from Red Fort:

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Congratulations and best wishes to all the countrymen of this holy festival of independence. Today little children are not visible to me. The bright future of India has been stopped by Corona.”


PM Modi addresses the country regarding the Corona vaccine:

Addressing the country on Independence Day, PM Modi said that “Our scientists are very much alive. I am working hard. India is in a different phase of 3–3 vaccine testing. When the green signal will be received by the scientists, and preparations are ready. With rapid production, the outline of how to reach the vaccine in the shortest time is available to every Indian.

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Know what was PM Narendra Modi speech on Independence Day:

The centuries-old theme of Ram Janmabhoomi has been resolved peacefully. The restraint with which we treat the people of the country and with prudence is unprecedented. It is the strength of inspiration ahead.


In this decade of the 21st century, India will now have to move forward with the new policy and new method. Now simple will not work. Our policies, our processes, our products, and everything should be the best. It should be the best, only then we will be able to realize the vision of an India-superior India.


Today in India, the impossible has been made possible in extraordinary times. With this will, every Indian has to move forward. The year 2022, 75 years of our independence, has just arrived.


PM Modi said that now the expansion of NCC will be ensured to 1273 border and coastal districts. In this, specialized training of about one-third of the daughters will be done.


PM Modi said that many years old demands of the people had been met by making Ladakh a union territory last year. He said that the way Sikkim has made its mark as an organic test. Similarly, in the coming days, Ladakh should establish its identity as a natural carbon sector. Work is going on fast for this.


PM Narendra Modi on Coronavirus vaccine:


In the case of the vaccine in this era of coronavirus, PM Modi said that today, not one, not two, three vaccines of Corona in India are currently under testing phase as soon as scientists get the green signal. Preparations for the country Large-scale production of those vaccines have also been prepared.


Another massive campaign is going to start in the country—the National Digital Health Mission. The National Health Mission will bring a new revolution in every region of India. In this, every citizen will be given a health ID. All information related to your illness will be in the Health ID.


Of the 40 crores, Jan Dhan accounts opened in the country, about 22 crore accounts are of women only. At the time of Corona, about 30 thousand crores have been directly transferred to the account of women in April-June.


The campaign for Vocal for Local, Re-skill and Up-skill will infuse a self-reliant economy to the standard of living of those below the poverty line.


7 crore low-income families were given free gas cylinders, and more than 80 crore people were provided free ration or not ration cards. Nearly 90 thousand crore rupees were directly transferred to bank accounts.


PM Modi said that last year, FDI in India broke all the records so far. FDI in India has increased by 18 percent. This belief does not come like this. Today, many big companies in the world are turning to India. We have to move forward with the mantra of “Make for World” and “Make in India.”


There is a need to give a new direction to the country’s youth and infrastructure development to move India towards modernity. There was no such period of slavery. When there was no effort for freedom in any corner in India and life was not sacrificed.

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