IND vs ENG: India won the 13th consecutive Test series at home, returning after losing the first Test for the sixth time

Digital Desk, Ahmedabad. India beat England by an innings and 25 runs in the fourth Test at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Saturday. With this, won the four Test matches series by a margin of 3–1. With this victory, India have reached the final of the World Test Championship, where they will face New Zealand. The final match will be played from 18 to 22 June this year at the Lord’s ground in England.

This is Team India’s 13th consecutive Test series win at home. India started their 4–0 series win over Australia in 2013 to win the home Test series. During these eight years, India has defeated eight countries at home, except Pakistan.

In 2012-13, England was defeated
India last lost at home in 2012-13, when England beat the hosts 2–1. But after that he defeated England 4–0 in the five-match Test series in 2016–17.

Beat England and Australia twice
India has won the last 13 consecutive Test series at home, including a match series played against Afghanistan and Bangladesh. At the same time, India has beaten England and Australia twice at home after 2013.

India’s journey to successive Test series wins on home soil


Vs How many matches series Difference


1 Australia 4 4-0

February 2013

2 West indies 2 2-0

November 2013

3 South Africa 4 3-0

November 2015

4 New zealand 3 3-0

September 2016

5 England 5 4-0

November 2016

6 Bangladesh 1 1-0

February 2017

7 Australia 4 2-1

February 2017

8 Sri Lanka 3 1-0

November 2017

9 Afghanistan 1 1-0

June 2018

10 West indies 2 2-0

October 2018

11 South Africa 3 3-0

October 2019

12 Bangladesh 2 2-0

November 2019

13 England 4 3-1

March 2021

Australia in second place
Australia is at number two in winning the most consecutive Test series at home. The Australian team (1994–2001 and 2004–2008) have won the series 10–10 times. Apart from this, West Indies and New Zealand have won the series 8-8 * times, South Africa and England 7-7 times on their soil.

Returning after losing the first test for the sixth time
At the same time, there have been 6 such wonderful occasions in India’s 8-decade Test cricket history when it has named the series after losing the first match. Apart from this series, there have been five occasions when India have captured the series after losing the first match of the series of three or more matches.

  • The first episode is of the 1972–73 season when India won the series 2–1 after losing the first match of the five-match series against England.
  • India did this against Australia in 2000-01. In the three-match series, India lost the first match and then won the series 2–1 with two consecutive wins.
  • Similarly in 2015, India named Team India 2–1 in a three-match series against Sri Lanka. India also lost the first match in that series.
  • The Indian team won 2–1 in the four-match series against Australia in 2016–17. India also lost the first match in this series.
  • Defeated Australia in 2020 on his own land- This is the second time India has done this feat in this season. He defeated Australia 2–1 in a four-match series at home in January. This is the same series in which Indian players won the Melbourne Test after losing the first Test played in Adelaide and then drew the Sydney Test. After this, the Indian players faced all the difficulties and won the series 2–1 with a resounding win at Baba, Brisbane.
  • Such was the defeat of England in 2021- The first Test of this series was played in Chennai, which England won by taking a 1-0 lead, but India equalized by winning the second Test played in Chennai itself. India then turned to Ahmedabad and defeated England in the day-night Test to take a 2–1 lead. Now India also won the series with one more win.


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