Include these Indian dishes in your diet to lose weight this way.

Due to fat and carbohydrate, Indian dishes are often not a part of diet plan. Rice and roti are the staple foods of the Indian dish, which have high carbohydrate content. Apart from this, any type of curry also contains fat and both of these increase the calories in the food. Therefore, most people do not like to include Indian traditional dish in their food. People prefer only western superfoods like oats, yogurt, salad to lose weight. But, the real problem is not Indian food, but the way to make it. Here you must know about some beneficial foods.

Healthy fat
To make curry healthy, you should choose the right amount in the right amount of fat. Mustard oil, refined oil, coconut oil and ghee are commonly used to make Indian traditional mines. If you use excessive amount of oil in your food, then that food will become harmful for you. Therefore, it is important that you make your food in minimum oil.

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Due to the tremendous health benefits, spices like turmeric, black pepper, cloves, cumin, rye are also used in medicinal works. Their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant characteristics keep you away from very serious diseases. They give you freshness for a long time. Along with this, they reduce weight by taking out the harmful elements of your body and they are very helpful in charging your metabolism.

Avoid eating packaged food
The matter of home-made food is different. Everything from bread to curry, everything is made at home by healthy and nutritious ingredients. Homemade food is always better than canned or packaged food and also helps in weight loss. Eating canned food increases the possibility of weight gain.

Nutritional grains
The first thing that comes to the mind of chapati is wheat, which is the source of carbs, but you can also make chapattis using nutritious grains like jowar, millet and barley. They supply elements like protein, calcium, folate, iron and magnesium in the body.

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Variety in food
The boredom of eating the same food can always be avoided by eating variety. We all need a little variety and taste. For this you can adopt Indian food. There are many Indian dishes like poha, idli, sabudana khichdi, upma, chila. Along with getting nutrients from them, your weight will also be under control. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them)

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