In the midst of the storm, the passengers sitting in the flight were in bad condition, while vomiting and traveling the whole journey!

In fact, plane journeys are quite enjoyable. Everyone’s mind becomes happy after seeing the beautiful shape of the clouds, but those who often travel in flight would know that when the plane passes through the middle of the storms, then anyone’s condition can get worse. Recently, something similar happened to the passengers during a flight. The passengers sitting on this flight started vomiting (Passengers Puked in Flight in Ireland) and they were given bags to vomit.

These days, a storm named Barra in Ireland is dominating a lot. People are also very upset due to this storm, but recently the incident related to a flight has come to the fore, it remains a matter of discussion. It is reported that passengers on a flight going to Ireland’s capital Dublin started vomiting due to the storm. According to the report of Daily Star, in a video shared on Tiktok, some passengers are seen vomiting in the vomiting bag.

It is shown in the Tiktok video that passengers started vomiting inside the flight. (Photo: Tiktok)

people vomited inside the plane
According to the caption of the video, it has been told that the flight was to land at Dublin Airport but due to landing in the opposite direction of the storm, doing so could have been dangerous. Due to this the flight was refused to land twice. The flight made two unsuccessful attempts to land. Meanwhile, the plane flying in the storm started shaking so fast that many people sitting in the plane were seen vomiting in the bag.

Many flights were diverted due to the storm
Let us tell you that due to the storm of Barra, Orange and Yellow Warning has been announced by the Meteorological Department in Ireland. According to the report, the person who posted the video told that the flight was landed at Amsterdam Schipol Airport on that day instead of Dublin. However, from there the passengers had got another flight. It was also told in the report that flights were diverted from several other airports that day. Flights arriving at London’s Cork Airport were diverted to Shannon, Ireland.

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