In 2 years, a man becomes a ‘virgin’ woman, looking for a partner for a body of 7.5 million

Once famous to Human Ken Doll, now woman woman Jessica is looking for a partner

UK-based reality TV star Jessica Alves has revealed on social media that she is looking for the perfect partner for herself. After shedding money like water in the last two years, now she has become a full-fledged woman. In such a situation, he is now looking for a suitable partner to love.

There are many people in the world who are not made satisfied by the way God is made. One such person is Reality TV Star Jessica Alves. Jessica was also known as Human Ken Doll. But she was not happy with this. Because of this, in the last two years, he spent about 78 lakh rupees to get the body of the woman. Now she is looking for a partner to make herself fully female. Jessica said that she would let the prince of her dreams try her hand first. Till then she will remain a virgin. 37-year-old Jessica decided to become a man two years ago. After this, he shed money like water on the surgery of his body. Apart from Boobs job, it got bomb hips implants. Also underwent surgery on the shape of his head. Even after this, when he felt incomplete, he also got his private parts made like a woman. Now Jessica says that her body has recovered after all the surgeries and now she is looking for a partner for sex. Undergoing surgery since the age of 17 Jessica was identified some time ago as Human Cane Doll. She has come in many reality shows. She was a man at that time. He still underwent several surgeries to look like Doll. So far, Jessica has given some 7 and a half crores of rupees to the surgery game, which started at the age of 17 years. This Brazilian star is addicted to plastic surgery.Men are offering gold Jessica has now revealed that she is looking for the perfect partner for herself. However, many people have offered her for sex on social media. In return, she is also ready to give a considerable amount to Jessica, but Jessica does not want to lose her virginity with anyone. She told that she will wait for her perfect partner. If she does not find any kind of boy, then she would prefer to remain a virgin.


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