Improve your appearance with gram flour, tomatoes and cucumbers, your face will glow in a few days …..

Improve your appearance with gram flour, tomatoes and cucumbers, your face will glow in a few days

So many beauty products are available in the market. But their use causes the face to deteriorate rather than shine. Today we will tell you such home remedies, with the regular use of which your skin will start glowing in a few days. This recipe is very cheap and easy. Which you can easily try.

Let me tell you, women and women are always worried about their beauty. In such a situation, she adopts a variety of beauty tips. But even then, their skin does not get that nutrition. The nutrition that comes from naturally adopted prescriptions. There are some such tips, which will prove very helpful in brightening your face.

Remove facial hair from gram flour

Besan is a very old recipe to make skin clean and shiny. With this, the skin is clean as well as the nail pimples and gram flour is very helpful for removing the hair on the face. This mixture should be applied on the face after adding salt in gram flour. After this, after washing the gram flour with the fingers of your hand for about 10 minutes, you wash your face with water. This will make the face look beautiful and beautiful.

Take steam to clean face

You want to make your face shiny and young. So steam is a very effective solution. Mix milk in water and heat it and steam it on the face. This will clean the face, remove dirt from the face, which will improve your face considerably.

Add cucumber juice

Cucumber is the best way to improve facial tone. Peel the cucumber on top and cut it into small pieces. Put these pieces in the mixer and remove the juice, add one spoon of honey to it and then apply it on the face with the help of cotton. By doing this remedy every day, your appearance will start to improve in a few days.

Drink enough water –

Water is the best way to enhance your appearance. Due to lack of water in the body, the skin also looks dry and lifeless. Therefore you should drink sufficient amount of water. The more water you drink, the more your body looks, healthier and fresher. You can also drink hot and lukewarm water. That too will be beneficial for your health.

Features of tomato juice

Tomato will eliminate many problems seen on your skin. Rub the tomato into small pieces and rub it gently on the face, apply tomato juice on the face. When the tomato juice starts drying on the face, wash it with water. By doing this every day, the wrinkles of the face are reduced and your skin will start to glow.

Apply banana paste-

Banana paste also proves to be very helpful for beauty. Banana is also good for health and is also very beneficial for face. After peeling it, make its juice and add milk to it. Which will make a paste. Apply this paste on the face and after half an hour wash this face. This will make your skin glow.

Always keep the face clean

Wash your face two to three times a day. By washing the face for about 2 times in the morning and night, the dead cells also get cleaned and your face starts glowing.

Apply potato juice on the face-

Potato juice is also very helpful for the face. Making raw potato juice in the mixer and rubbing it on a dark circle will be visible on the face. It also clears black spots. Applying potato juice under the eyes also reduces dark circles and is also a good recipe for beauty of eyes.


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