Important decision of FIFA, Pakistan and Chad Football Federation suspended

FIFA, which governs football on a global scale, has suspended the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) on Wednesday, taking an important decision. They have taken this decision because of the interference of the third class. In addition, FIFA has also decided to suspend the Chad Football Association.
The Pakistan Soccer Federation, known as PFF, was suspended for the second time in four years due to third-party intervention when a group of officials and protesters took over the institution’s headquarters last month.

FIFA said in its statement that ‘this decision has been taken due to invalid elections after the recent occupation of the PFF headquarters. He removed the special committee formed by FIFA which was working under the chairmanship of Aaron Malik. This interference of any third class is against the rules. We are forced to take this decision. ‘

They were opposing a ‘normalization committee’ appointed by FIFA to conduct the game in Pakistan after years of internal fighting between a group of protesting officials. The occupation of PFF headquarters has already disrupted the National Women’s Championship.

Chad was suspended when the government of this African country disbanded the National Soccer Federation and tried to appoint new officials to run the game. FIFA has said that they will lift the suspension only when the government rescinds its decision and reassigns the authority to the president of the Football Federation.

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