Ikkat Review: The fun of eating comedy medicine in lockdown is different from ‘Ikkat’

Ikkat Review: Lockdown is a new word that has come in our life since March 2020. The first lockdown due to Corona was memorable for everyone. The whole family was able to stay at home together, new dishes were made, the story of work from home was made, their forgotten hobbies were fulfilled and some health was also taken care of. Those who were not unlucky to return to their homes on foot in the wake of missed jobs, they saw their relationships building, deteriorating, maturing or breaking down by being imprisoned in their homes. Kannada film ‘Ikkat’ is the story of the connection of a shattered relationship by picking up pieces of news and public speeches given by Prime Minister Modi on Corona. The whole style of the film is a situational comedy, while the film talks about a problem that emerged in the lockdown – the relationship between husband and wife.

Vasu (Nagabhushan NS) and his wife Janhvi (Bhumi Shetty) are from a normal middle class family, both living in a small 2 bedroom flat. The two don’t get along as Janhvi has a bit of a filmy fantasy about her post-marriage life and Vasu tends to be too clingy and practical. Both quarrel everyday and Vasu’s low height and Janhvi’s dark complexion come into the fight again and again. In one such fight, he gets the news of the lockdown on TV. Troubled by each other and forced to live together from above.

Janhvi keeps making her videos on Tiktok and there she meets ‘Dude Maga’ (RJ Vicky) who falls in love with Janhvi and reaches her city and her house to meet her. Janhvi panics and hides her in another bedroom. Instead of rationing food, she cooks extra food and feeds the dude. Suddenly Vasu’s maternal uncle Karna (Sundar) reaches there as an uninvited guest and disturbs the life of the husband and wife. The dude is upset that Janhvi didn’t know about his marriage and now he can’t go back due to the lockdown. Amidst some funny incidents and confusion, Janhvi tells her husband Vasu about the dude and the dude is thrown out of the house. Karna Mama, despite his deteriorating health, keeps quarreling between husband and wife by not getting the corona test done. In the end, the people of the hospital come and take the maternal uncle with them to the Corona Center and the husband and wife are advised to stay in isolation.

The film is very sweet. The comedy is also very good and the story of the film progresses in such a way that in every situation something is expected to happen on which you can laugh openly. Many scenes will remind you of your lockdown experiences. Many tales of one-sided love have come to the fore on the girls who become celebrities on Tiktok. This is shown very well in Ikkat. Uninvited relatives about whom we often do not have any news and their intimidation is very common. This time there was an issue of Kovid and lockdown, so the matter seems even more interesting. The level of comedy in the film has been maintained very well. It has been saved by putting idiots like poor dialogues or sex-comedy in this film. The writer-director and editor has done all three works by Isham Khan and Haseen Khan and has done a great job according to the first film.

The entire film has been shot in one flat. There is no song, only background music. Total plus 4 are lead actors and rest 5 or 6 are supporting cast. The budget of the film is less but the intention and heart of the film is very big. The dialogues are also cheeky and the acting is also very good. Nagabhushan has played the role of a middle class man very well with his quirky face and his actions have been similar. His idea of ​​exercising in the middle of Corona or discovering someone else’s presence in the house in a espionage way is great fun. The ending of the film is a bit weak. Maybe it would have been better if it had been written in some other way. The film is short but very good. It is the only Kannada language film based on Kovid. Will have to watch with sub-title because dialogue is expected to be missed. Look sure.

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