If you want to stay away from many diseases, then include only 5 fruits and vegetables in the diet

Five Fruits And Vegetable In Your Diet: We often discuss about how many types of fruits and vegetables we should include in our daily diet. Also, which fruits and vegetables are in the diet. Now a scientific answer has been found for this. of America Harvard University (Harvard University) experts have claimed on the basis of their study that many diseases can be avoided by including only five fruits and vegetables in their diet. Not only this, it can also reduce the risk of premature death. This study has been published in the journal Circulation. The study analyzed the diet and health data of two million people over the past 30 years. Data for this study was taken from many studies around the world.

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Reduced risk of death from cancer and respiratory diseases
Based on the available data, a comparative study was conducted between those who consumed two types of fruits and vegetables daily and those who consumed five types of fruits and vegetables daily. The study found that those who included five types of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, the risk of premature death from any cause was reduced by 13 percent. Similarly, the risk of heart disease and stroke was also reduced by 12 percent. Not only this, the risk of death due to cancer was reduced by 10 percent and the risk of respiratory diseases was also reduced by 35 percent.

This means that consuming 5 fruits and vegetables daily can protect us from many diseases. The lead author of this study, Dr. Daniel Wang, said that many types of nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables, which are strongly linked to good health. Due to the presence of potassium, magnesium, fiber and polyphenols, they have antioxidant properties, which is extremely beneficial for the heart and blood vessels.

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Diet high in vitamin C and beta carotene
Based on the data, it was found that the inclusion of two types of fruits and three types of vegetables in the daily diet is the perfect ratio of the right diet. Dr. Wang told that for good health, green leafy vegetables and such fruits and vegetables should be consumed in which the amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene is high. For this, spinach, cabbage, oranges, berries and carrots will be good. It is the primary source of anti-oxidants and plays an important role in protecting the body from cancer.

How much to consume these five fruits and vegetables
Here is a list and quantity of fruits and vegetables. You can include any five of these in your diet.

apple fresh one
Apricot fresh one or half cup in a box
Avocado fruit or cup
banana one
Blueberry Fresh cup
grapefruit half
one to two cups of grapes
orange one
peach fresh one
Strawberries cup
Cauliflower cup
Sprouts cup
Cabbage cup
Carrots 80 to 85 grams
Eggplant hundred grams
Mustard greens cup
Lettuce one cup
Mixed Vegetable cup
onion one piece
cup cooked spinach
Beans cup
tomato two pieces
vegetable soup one cup
Sweet potato hundred grams

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