If you want to look slim, do this work every day, avoid stress and start the day with fiber

If you want to look slim then do this work every day, avoid stress and start the day with fiber

There is a competition among women and women to look slim. Many young women like them also lose their weight. But maintaining it is not less of a challenge. In such a situation, we will tell you some tips, with the help of which you can keep yourself fit and fit. You don’t have to spend anything for this. Just stay at home and pay attention to some exercises and food.

Always be active-

To keep the body fit, it is important that you are always active. Do not let the opportunity to do any activity go away by hand. If you will always be active, then you will burn calories in your body which will always keep you slim.

Eat healthy food-

If you are worried about your health, then include healthy food in your food. For example, include salad, raita, sprouted grains, yogurt etc.

Avoid eating outside-

Fast food, junk food, and outdoor food contain excessive calories. Therefore, you should avoid eating as far as possible. Because it also increases obesity.

avoid stress-

Excessive stress also increases calories. Because during stress either the person eats very little or eats too much. In such a situation, it is not known how many calories are going in the body. Therefore, one should always avoid stress.

Start the day with fiber-

To stay slim, you need to start your day with fiber. Include fiber food in breakfast. Which can include oatmeal, oats, fruits.

Drink lukewarm water-

Drink lukewarm water every day in the morning. If you want, you can also add lemon and honey to it. This will reduce excess fat and you will feel fresh and energy will remain throughout the day.

Do the exercise

To maintain your body, make exercise an important part of your life. Exercise at least half to 1 hour every day. This will increase your hard work and keep you fit. Try to do as much walking as possible. As far as possible use the stairs instead of elevators.

Eat fruits and vegetables-

You have to give importance to fruits and vegetables in your diet. Include fruit, salad, juice in breakfast. Use more vegetables in poha, upma, sandwiches etc.

Eat at least 3 times-

You should have 3 meals a day instead of twice. Instead of eating together, eat in small pieces. But do have breakfast in the morning. In this case, maintain the habit of eating at least three times a day. You can have small healthy snacks every 2 hours between breakfast, lunch and dinner too. Because skipping one meal for diet will also prove to be dangerous for you. Because it increases your appetite.

Eat on time-

As far as possible, do not let the meal time change. Eat every day at the appointed time. Eat overnight dinner a few hours before bedtime. And do not drink water till half an hour before and half an hour after meals.


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