If you have to remove headache immediately, then do this home remedy

If you have to remove headache immediately, then do this home remedy

Headache problems have become common nowadays due to changing routines, mental stress and excessive work pressure. A person does not feel like doing anything due to a headache and he becomes irritable. A person has to face many troubles due to persistent headache. Many people take medicines as soon as they have a headache. But every time she stops taking medicines, she also stops affecting. In such a situation, one should adopt some home remedies. So that the problem of headache goes away forever.

Massage the head with a light hand

If the problem of headache persists, then one can massage the scalp lightly with hands. Massaging the head with copra oil gives relief to the muscles of the head. Massage should be done around the head to the neck. You can also take almond, olive or copra oil in it. Along with this, it is also necessary to get adequate sleep. The pillow should also be soft and of normal thickness while sleeping.

Apply sandal paste on the head

If headache is needed then sandalwood paste is a very effective remedy. It soon relieves headaches. This is a very ancient remedy, by grinding sandalwood on the stone, make a paste and apply it on the forehead. This will provide immediate relief. Along with this, ginger is also helpful in relieving headaches. Besides consuming ginger, its paste can also be applied on the head. Simultaneously grind mint leaves and apply it on the head. Make and drink mint tea. Tulsi is also a helpful remedy to relieve headaches. Boil the basil leaves in water and sieve it. You can also drink basil leaves in tea.

Use lemon

Using lemon with lukewarm water provides relief in headache. Because many times the head problem starts due to gas problem in the stomach. In such a situation, drinking lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water will be beneficial immediately. A little honey can also be added to it. If you take this type of drink daily on an empty stomach, then you get permanent benefit.

Long Key Bag

Another ancient remedy for relieving headaches is through which a person gets relief from headache immediately. According to this, roast about four-five long ones on a pan and tie them in a small cloth and make a bundle. Smelling it for a while. Which will definitely give a lot of relief in headaches. Along with this, eating salt in apple also removes the problem of headache. Black pepper and mint tea are also beneficial. You can also add long ones in it.

Thus there are many small home remedies. Through which individuals can get rid of headache and chronic headache problem. At present, headaches also occur due to looking at computers, laptops or mobile phones for a long time. Therefore one should use as much work as they have. So that headaches can be avoided.


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