If you eat chewing gum, you may have to go to jail for 2 years! The strange rule here will surprise

Every country of the world wants to progress, wants to move forward in the direction of development, but the path of progress is very difficult. Many times the administration has to ban such things for the betterment of the country which may be common to other countries (Weird Rules of Countries). Singapore is also one such country which has made strange rules for development which surprise everyone. One of these rules is the ban on Chewing Gum Ban in Singapore.

Singapore is a very prosperous country in today’s time. The biggest reason behind this is the discipline of the people here. To maintain this discipline, many such rules have been made here which are quite shocking. Actually, the country’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew wanted him to develop it soon. According to him, the biggest obstacle in development could be the indiscipline of the people. For this reason, Lee imposed many restrictions, of which the chewing ban was also one.

Chewing gum eaters often throw it here and there, due to which the mess spreads. (symbolic photo)

Why chewing gum was banned in Singapore?
The people of Singapore wanted to keep cleanliness. Chewing gum eaters often spread a lot of dirt. They throw gum here and there, which is sometimes found lying in trains, under seats, in schools and in rivers and streams. Sometimes it even chokes the drainage system. Chewing gum was facing a lot of difficulties in cleaning the country, so Chewing Gum Prohitbited in Singapore was banned here. Chewing gum was banned since 1992.

The ban ended but the punishment was tightened
In 2004, after a free trade agreement between the US-Singapore, the ban on eating chewing gum related to health was lifted in the country. However, it is necessary to have a doctor’s prescription to eat this type of chewing gum. Apart from this, there is also a heavy fine for spitting gum here and there. In the first instance, a fine of up to Rs 74,000 can be imposed, but in the second case, if caught illegally eating or throwing it here and there, then a fine of more than Rs 1 lakh and a jail term of 2 years can also be imposed.

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