If you are troubled by cough, then consume honey

Digital Desk, Mumbai. Cold-cough is the most important symptom of the corona virus. But every time you have a cold or cough, it is not necessary that you are infected. Nevertheless, you should take special care of yourself. According to a study, 1 to 5 years old children give 2 spoons of honey before sleeping at night, they get less cough and sleep at night. Honey does not just relax the children’s cheeks but can also give it to you. So today we will tell you, how you can get relief from throat pain, sore throat or cough using honey.

  • The World Health Organization ie WHO has also considered honey to be the best and beneficial for the problem of sore throat.
  • Let me tell you, honey has antimicrobial or wound healing quality, due to which it helps in reducing the pain or swelling in the throat faster and it can get rid of cough or any problem present in the throat.
  • Drinking two spoons of honey in 1 glass of hot water is very beneficial; if you drink lemon mixed with it, then your weight decreases rapidly.
  • Tea can also be drunk by adding honey instead of sugar. This will not increase your weight and tea will also look sweet.
  • Consuming 2 teaspoons of honey at bedtime will relieve sore throat, swelling and cough.


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