If you are having problems of sour belching, then do this remedy at home

If you are having problems of sour belching, then do this remedy at home

The person gets very upset due to the sour belching again and again. This problem is caused by a mess in the food. If one does not get relief quickly, one does not get relief. In such a situation, we will tell you some home remedies. Through which the problem of sour belching and indigestion will be overcome.

In fact, due to sudden changes in catering and fried throat food, the food is not able to be digested. And the air entering the body along with the food does not come out due to the belching. The person gets upset due to this belching again and again and again and again, the situation is such that what he has eaten is seen coming up to the throat. In such a situation, sour water also comes in the mouth of the person and there is a burning sensation in the throat and stomach. In such a situation the person feels the need for immediate relief.

If you also have a problem of sour belching, or gas is being created again and again. So you can use asafoetida for this. For this, drink a pinch of asafetida and dissolve it in water, it will give instant relief.

Fennel is also a panacea to overcome the problem of sour belching. Eat it with cardamom, which will immediately improve the digestive system and get rid of sour belching.

The problem of sour belching has become common. So you should also use fenugreek seeds. Soak fenugreek in water overnight and drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning and if possible chew fenugreek seeds. The problem of sour belching can be overcome by this.

If there is a problem of gas and sour belching. So you should also take a little walk after having a meal. If you take a walk after eating a meal then surely the air will pass and you will not have this type of problem. Many times this problem is caused by falling asleep while eating or eating food late at night. So as far as possible, eat on time and after taking food, take a little walk.


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