If there is a shortage of iron, then use iron utensils for cooking, keep these things in mind

Cooking In Iron Utensils : In the olden days, iron utensils were used for cooking in homes, but with the passage of time, steel and nonstick utensils replaced them. Today these utensils are not used for cooking in most of the homes. But do you know that cooking food in iron utensils can benefit your body in many ways? Yes, it has been found in researches that if you cook food in iron utensils then it can fulfill iron deficiency in your body and you can stay healthy. This information has been given in a report published in NDTV Foods. It has been told in the report that if it is used properly in cooking, then the iron level in the body can be maintained.

Important to keep these things in mind

You can cook any kind of food in an iron skillet provided they are not sour things.

You can make roti, paratha or any kind of cheela on an iron griddle. It not only enhances the properties of iron in the food, but also enhances the aromatic aroma.

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Water or any other drink should not be kept in iron utensils. Iron reacts with moisture and produces rust.

Any food cooked in iron utensils should be immediately taken out in any other vessel especially glass or enameled vessel.

If you are using iron karkhi i.e. ladle or spoon, then keep in mind that do not keep it in sour things.

Do not make sour things in iron utensils because

In fact, sour or acidic foods can react with iron, giving the food a metallic taste. This can also cause problems in digestion. Therefore, do not make curry, rasam, sambar, curry made from tomatoes, etc. in an iron vessel.

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keep these things in mind

Wash iron utensils with mild detergent and wipe immediately.

Do not use rough scrubbers or iron lice.

To protect these utensils from rust, store them by applying a thin layer of vegetable oil.

Always keep the utensils in a clean and dry place.

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