If dry nose is bothering you then try these home remedies

Home Remedies For Dry Nose: Dry nose causes irritation and itching in the nose. There are many home remedies to avoid this. Those that can be tried and get relief from them. Many times this problem occurs after a cold or due to any allergy. It is common to have dry nose, it is not a serious disease or a matter of any concern, but due to irritation, there can be problems at times.

Here are some such home remedies, which can be used to fix this problem.

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increase water intake
Sometimes due to dehydration, the moisture of the skin of the nose ends. Sufficient amount of water should be drunk so that the moisture of the skin is retained.

coconut oil
Oil is not only good for hair and skin but also if there is a problem of dry nose or dry nose. So it can also provide relief from it, along with moisturizing your nose, it also helps in reducing irritation. For this, put one or two coconut oil in the nose before sleeping.

take a steam
If there is a problem of dryness, then you can take bath at that time or sleep. On this pretext, you will also be able to take out some time for yourself and you will also get rid of this problem. Steam will fix the problem of dry nose.

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salt water
Salt water or saline can be used now. If saline is not present, mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of water and keep it in a spray bottle. With this, keep spraying on the nose in between, keeping in mind that too much water should not go inside the nose.

Olive oil
Tum oil is very helpful for retaining the moisture of the skin. During this, apply olive oil in your nose. This will reduce the problem of your dry nose problem.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before following these.)

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