Husband was eating McDonald’s burger in front of wife groaning with labor pain, divorced as soon as the child was born!

The birth of a child is one of the most important moments in the life of any couple. For this one has to wait a long time and also take care of each other. Although the husband of a woman in Australia gave priority to Man Eating Burger During Labor Pain, leaving her in this thick time. For this mistake, he has got such a big punishment, that he will think four times before going to McDonald’s for the rest of his life.

The woman herself talked about this worst experience of her life on TikTok and told how her husband showed carelessness on the most important moments of life. When he was supposed to be with his wife, he was sleeping after having a burger.

Ate Happy Meal in front of a painful mother
This story was told through a video from a TikTok account named @athome_withjaxon. Here two Australian women were talking about the behavior of the father at the time of the birth of the children. A woman said that my husband could not see the birth of the child because he was taking parking tickets for me at that time. Meanwhile, the other woman said that ‘my husband went to McDonald’s first, after coming back he ate food in front of me. That too when I was going for a caesarean operation and could not eat anything. After that he went and slept in the waiting room. When I gave birth by C-section, my father was with me at that time.

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The one who was the father of the child is now an ex-husband
Further, that woman has also told that she is no longer with her husband. He was not there even at the time of the birth of his son. We were together for 4 years and had been married for 14 months. After 6 months of pregnancy, he had decided that he does not love me anymore and does not want to be with me. After this video, many more women shared their experiences on the behavior of husband during the birth of children. Someone told that her husband slept at the time of the birth of the child, someone told that he was out of town. Most of the women said that they also have complaints about the behavior of the husband during the birth of children, but this case was a little different.

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