Hungry woman got fried fish packed from the roadside, disgusting thing came in her mouth as soon as she took the second bite

In India, people of street food are crazy (Street Food Lovers). Wherever you go, you will find food stalls on the side of the road. Such shops are also seen in foreign countries. They are cheaper than other restaurants. However, in the name of cleanliness in these places, you have to compromise. Many times, many disgusting things also come out of the food of these places. Recently, one such incident came to light from Singapore, where a very disgusting thing was found from the food packed from the roadside.

The identity of the woman has been hidden in the news published in the local media of Singapore. It is being told that the woman had posted about this incident on her Facebook account on July 6. The woman got herself packed fried fish and chips from a local cafe. When he went home and ate his food, he got a very disgusting thing from his morsel. The woman got a human tooth from the fried fish (Human Teeth In Fried Fish), which was yellow in appearance. After this the woman started vomiting continuously.

The woman had got her food packed while coming from Hongang Avenue. When the woman got a human tooth from it, she clicked its photos. The woman had earlier shared it on her Facebook. He also tagged the shop. People gave a tremendous reaction to this. However, now the woman has deleted the post. It is being told that the cafe has apologized for this matter and has also given damages to the woman.

After removing the Facebook post, the woman told local media that a human tooth had come in her mouth in the second bite of food. After the complaint, the cafe offered him a second meal but he got his money back. The woman told that the staff was also surprised to know about this incident. He apologized to the woman and immediately refunded the cash. Along with this, the owner of the cafe also assured to investigate the matter.

The cafe said in a statement that none of the two employees working here have this tooth. He will get the matter investigated and get DNA test done on this tooth. After this, whoever is found guilty of this incident, action will definitely be taken against him. The cafe said that if this incident turns out to be concocted, then they will also take action against the woman.


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