Hungama 2 Review: ‘Hungama 2’ is a poor production of film making factory Priyadarshan

Hungama 2 Review: Every year at least two to four films have to be seen, which, on seeing it, it is realized that today we are stuck wrong. Director Priyadarshan’s recently released ‘Hungama 2’ on Disney + Hotstar will have to be added to this year’s list. Priyadarshan, who originally made Malayalam films, has been making films for almost 40 years. Remakes of his Malayalam films have been done in different languages, most of which he directs himself. This time also his 1994 release Malayalam film ‘Meenaram’ has been remade ‘Hungama 2’ which is a failed attempt. Priyadarshan’s 2003 release film ‘Hungama’ to carry forward the series. This time a bad product has come out of Priyadarshan’s film factory, which has directed more than 75 films.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra has entered cinema after 14 years, her last film was ‘Apne’ but her skin does not really reveal her age. In Hungama 2, Priyadarshan has also returned to Hindi film after almost 8 years. He directed the last Hindi film – Rangrej which did not work at all. The mood of Hungama 2 seems to lie somewhere between comedy and romance and sadly, it does not budge beyond this point. For a long time, the audience was expecting a sequel to the 2003 Akshaye Khanna-Aftab Shivdasani-Rimi Sen-Paresh Rawal starrer Hungama, but this story is completely different. As simple as Hungama was, every effort has been made to make the story of this Hungama 2 as complicated as it is.

In the film, Vaani (Pranita Subhash) suddenly comes to Akash’s (Meezaan Jaffrey) house with a small child and tells Akash to be the father of that child. Akash and Vaani used to study together and both were close, although Akash was serious and speech was not. Trapped badly in front of his father (Ashutosh Rana), Akash tries to prove his innocence by breaking out of the maze of his estranged sister Shilpa Shetty, her suspicious husband Paresh Rawal and future father-in-law Manoj Joshi. The rest of the film is the story of some such situations which are no longer seen in films. Sometimes it seems that the packing is new, the goods are old. The story does not progress, the confusion keeps increasing, new characters keep coming and the film ends after unsuccessful attempts to laugh at the situation. Yes, Akshaye Khanna also has a cameo in the film, and Priyadarshan has used Akshay brilliantly in the earlier films, but Akshay’s role has gone in vain.

Meezaan Jaffrey is going to have an identity crisis. Ranbir Kapoor will be branded a copycat unless he presents himself in a new form. Meezaan has neither been able to act like Ranbir Kapoor nor impress his father Javed Jaffrey with dance art. Better than this, he was engaged in his debut film ‘Malaal’. Gone are the days of seeing Shilpa Shetty in the role of elder didi, but how to disguise the temptation to make her look sexy. The story line behind her mismatch with Paresh Rawal has also been put behind her not being able to become a mother but she does not miss to dance on the songs ‘Chura Ke Dil Mera’ or ‘Hungama’. Acting has nothing to do with Shilpa Shetty, but even if an actress did her role, what would have mattered. Paresh Rawal is almost useless, only playing some 5-7 percent of his role in the first Hungama. In a part time lawyer and full time wife suspecting role, Paresh is suddenly engaged in aiming with a sniper rifle.

If the characters of Tiku Talsania, Manoj Joshi, Rajpal Yadav were not written properly, they had nothing to do. All three are talented and all three have been wasted. In the name of comedy, Tiku Talsania gets his head stuck in a big pot and Paresh Rawal takes it out. Pranitha’s younger daughter, in the name of emotions, gets injured by bursting firecrackers because of the pranks of other children in the house. The very next moment the doctor gives them a message of “no danger of danger” and Pranita wins the hearts of the children of the house. Raman Trikha’s role as Meezaan’s elder brother is also in the film. When Raman was young, he had a fan following on television, now he feels pity to see him. There are two or four small tales going on in the film, which have been scattered like coriander in the biryani of the original story. There was no increase in taste and neither did its beauty increase. Because of Ashutosh Rana, there is some talk in the film but his role is also not defined properly and he alone is not responsible for running the film. Pranitha Subhash’s role in the film has not been written properly and her role becomes even more strange with her half-baked acting.

The music of the film is by Anu Malik. One of his worst works. Anu Malik’s fans will be disappointed. Have also done a remake of Chura Ke Dil Mera which has been made after killing its original version and is making Akshay-Shilpa fans of the 90s cry. The rest of the music has gone beyond the ordinary.

Hera Pheri, Hungama, Malamaal Weekly even De Dana Dan have many fans and those who watch Malayalam movies are crazy about Priyadarshan. He had high hopes from Hungama 2. The film disappointed so much that asking anyone to watch the film was tantamount to creating a new enmity. It is better to re-watch an old film of Priyadarshan than this.

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