HTLS 2020: Andre Agassi Talks Hard Time for Corona Epidemic for Games

Former US tennis player Andre Agassi described the Kovid epidemic as a difficult time for the Games, but at the same time he said that the epidemic has brought us closer to family. Agassi said that he does not know how long players will stay away from their game due to this epidemic. He said, “The hardest part is the unknown. You don’t know when you will be able to play and how the conditions are going to be. So it is difficult to be ignorant. It is a big thing not to know when we will be able to play.”

On the fifth day of Hindustan Leadership Summit 2020, Andre Agassi also expressed his opinion on children’s education and said that parents should teach children, but let them do what they want to do in life. He said that it is the biggest crime by parents to impose their will on children.

What did Andre Agassi say on charity?
Andre Agassi said, “Lack of choice was a big thing in life.” I feel that if many children need education then I feel a failure. I am tired of waiting for the government. ”

How did life change after tennis?
Andre Agassi said, “When you’re apart from tennis it’s almost like PTSD, like stop taking drugs after drugs. Life gets boring.”

Price to go early in the game: Agassi
Agassi said, “You spend one-third of your life preparing for two-thirds of your life. When you start the game early, balance is essential. So you see a lot of people struggling in retirement. I Working for the education sector because I had to go to tennis at an early age. I missed school. I gave the children an opportunity with no options. I am lucky to be arranging education for the children whose There are no pass opportunities. It costs to go early in the game. “

Decide what is success: Agassi
Agassi said, “Decide what is success, be the best in money or sports, this choice is made. Providing education opportunities for children gives me satisfaction.”


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