How to book an appointment for Covid-19 vaccine, read the complete process

Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment: Appointment booking facility has been started online for Corona vaccine at all places across the country. Now it is very difficult to get a vaccine without an appointment. In such a situation, to get the vaccine booked, you must first choose the mobile application …

Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment: With the sudden increase in cases of corona infection, the governments of the Center and the States have shown a rapid increase in vaccination. We currently have the Serum Institute’s covishield, Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin and Russia’s Sputnik-V (sputnik V) vaccine. Kovishield and Kovaxin have been introduced to crores of people in the country, but vaccines are being sourced from other countries to speed up vaccination in the country. The Russian vaccine Sputnik-V has also become available on the cowin portal. Indian citizens above the age of 18 years can now book an appointment and get a vaccine. Today we are telling you the whole process of getting the vaccine booked.

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Covid-19 Vaccination Center
To book a Corona vaccine, first you need to select the nearest vaccine center. Vaccine centers for the age group above 45 years are readily available, but vaccine centers for 18+ are still rare. These centers vary depending on the availability of the vaccine. So, take 2-3 centers near you as an option for corona vaccine appointment. If the vaccine center is in the nearby district, then the vaccine can be obtained by going there too.

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How to Check nearest vaccination center and slots availability
The youth of 18+ need to book an appointment to get the vaccine. For this, you have to follow the steps given below.
1. First go to the official website of Cowin or the mobile application.
2. Register new users and login already registered users directly.
3. After login go to the appointment section.
4. Here the availability of vaccine center and slot can be seen by selecting the district or entering the PIN code in the new tab.

How To Book Appointment For Covid Vaccine

Corona vaccine users also have the option to choose the center and vaccine. But due to lack of some vaccines, they have been made available at very few centers. The vaccine available in front of the vaccine center is also named. In most places covid vaccine booking time has not been determined. You can follow the steps given below for vaccine booking.
1. For vaccine booking, login to cowin at 7:30 pm.
2. Select the date and district for your nearest center or enter the PIN code directly.
3. After this, keep clicking on the search button until a vaccine center is available.
4. No time limit has been set for the vaccine center. Slots can be made available at any time.
5. After coming to the vaccine center, click on the given view slot.
6. In the new tab, select the time slot from 9 AM to 5 PM.
7. With the appointment booked, the message will also come on your mobile. While going to the vaccine center, also carry the ID card, which has been installed at the time of registration.

By trying these tips, you will definitely get a vaccine slot!
In order to book a vaccine, it is necessary to have the PIN code and the UMang mobile application of the nearest center. You do not have to enter captcha within a book appointment in the Umang mobile application. Captcha takes longer to enter and thus the slots are booked in advance.


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