Homeopathy has effective treatment of malnutrition, know these important things

When the body does not have enough nutrients, this condition is known as Malnutrition. In this situation, many obstacles can come in mental and physical development. Let me tell you, all the nutrients are necessary for the body which includes protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. According to myUpchar, malnutrition can be understood in such a way that if a person is not getting enough nutrients then there can be a decrease in height and weight according to his age. At the same time, if the nutrient is more than normal, then it increases the risk of getting diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

What are the symptoms in malnutrition

In malnutrition a person suffers from a variety of problems including excessive tiredness, taking longer than normal to recover from a disease, having various problems after surgery, difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite, anemia, depression and Any type of injury involves more time to recover.Right treatment of malnutrition

According to myUpchar, the problem of malnutrition in children is more when it comes to any age group. There are many types of deficiencies in the development of children, physically and mentally, so they should continue to give more nutrients in the diet. Parents have the biggest responsibility in the development of children. Therefore, it is important that parents keep checking the weight of their children from time to time and also note whether their child’s weight is correct against their height. However, it is also important to note that the child is not getting very sick because if this is the case then there may be a deficiency of nutrients in the child.

Homeopathy treatment of malnutrition

Homeopathy aceticum for people who are very weak, have belching, excessive salivation due to vomiting and indigestion, have pain in upper or lower abdomen, have ulcer problems or have stomach cancer. Acid medicine is the best. It is also called glacial acetic acid.

Calcarea carbonica is also beneficial

In homeopathy, calcarea carbonica is also a good homeopathic medicine in treating this problem. This medicine is very effective for those who have stomach irritation, problems with flatulence, stomach heaviness after eating light or heavy food. This drug is also known as Hymenin calcium sulfide. Those who have yellow discharge from nose, ears, eyes or mouth, which is called mucus membrane problem. Hydrastis cadenesis drug is also effective in this condition. Note, taking any medicine without doctor’s advice can be harmful.For more information, read our article, Homeopathic medicine and treatment of malnutrition. Health related articles on News18 are written by myUpchar.com. MyUpchar is the country’s first and largest source of verified health news. In myUpchar, researchers and journalists, along with doctors, bring all the information related to health for you.

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