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For centuries, the evergreen tree Arjuna has been used as a medicine in Ayurveda. Generally the bark and juice of Arjuna have been used as medicine. The bark of a multi-virgin evergreen tree called Arjuna, ie the benefits of the bark of Arjuna, is used in heart related diseases.

New Delhi. Arjuna tree is used in Ayurveda in the form of fruit and bark as medicine. The most beneficial of the benefits of Arjuna bark is tannin, along with it also contains potassium, magnesium and calcium.

In heart diseases, the effect of the powder of arjuna bark is more than that of injection. As soon as sucking it on the tongue, the disease starts to subside. It was found to be equally beneficial when used in place of sarbitrate tablet. When the heartbeat increases, if the pulse rate becomes very weak, just by keeping it on the patient’s tongue, the pulse starts showing instant power.

1. Arjun bark to keep the heart healthy
When the normal heartbeat increases from 72 to above 150, then taking one spoon of arjuna bark powder in a glass of tomato juice and taking it regularly provides immediate benefits.

2. Taking 1 teaspoon fine powder of Arjun bark with 1 cup milk without cream regularly in the morning and evening provides benefit in all diseases of the heart, strengthens the heart and removes weakness. This normalizes the increased heartbeat.

3. In earache
Putting 3-4 drops juice of arjuna leaves in the ear ends earache.

4. In stomach gas
The benefits of Arjuna bark are also very helpful in relieving acidity. It is very important to know how to use Arjuna bark to take full advantage of the benefits of Arjuna bark.

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