History was created by winning the gold medal in Olympics, delivery boy had to be born in the Coronacal

Reuben Limardo with delivery bag (Photo credit: Rubén Limardo Gascón Twitter handle)

This star player made history by winning the gold medal at the London Olympics, but now he is training as well as his new job

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  • Last Updated:November 16, 2020, 8:59 AM IST

new Delhi. Venezuelan swordsman Ruben Limardo, who created history by winning the gold medal at the Games’ Mahakumbh Olympics, has become a delivery boy. He is carrying a big delivery bag on a bicycle in Poland. His story is quite strange and surprising. The 35-year-old Limardo won the gold medal at the London Olympics and is now ready to shine in the Tokyo Olympics once again. But before this, he surprised his fans last week when he revealed his new job in a tweet. He said that you have to find your way and it is a job like the rest. He told that he had gone for a special day for training and food delivery for Uber Eats.

Limardo is not only doing this work alone, but 20 other members of the Venezuela National Fencing Team are also doing it. In Polish, Limardo said that we are delivery riders. Limardo won the Olympic title eight years ago. He became the first fencer in Latin America to do so since Ramon Fontes of Cuba in 1904. He is also the second gold medalist in Venezuela. The boxer Francesco won the title 44 years before he became Olympic champion.

Do jobs after training
These young swordsmen from Venezuela gather five days a week in an old workshop. All are in white uniform, with their national flag on it. At the gate, bicycles and green cool bags are waiting for them. All the swordsmen finish their training, take a quick shower and then get ready for delivery.Read also:

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Limardo said that we get very little money in Venezuela, because there is a crisis there. At the same time, the epidemic has changed everything. There is no competition here. The Tokyo Olympics were postponed for a year and spawners are saying that they will start paying from the new year. For this reason, we have to make money on such a road. Limardo walks 50 kilometers on a cycle every day and he earns around 100 euros a week. Limardo, the father of two children, says that it is going well with our training. We can say that this is an extension of training.

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