High Court gives protection to the actress from violation of privacy, says – the person has the right to ‘be alone’, ‘forget’

New Delhi. The Delhi High Court has said a very important thing in the matter of Right to Privacy. The High Court has directed the removal of some objectionable videos and audio clips of a Bengali actress from various online platforms including YouTube, saying that the right to privacy includes the right to be forgotten and to be left alone. be alone). The court, in an interim order, said that the actress is entitled to protection from invasion of privacy by respondent forums and others as invasion of privacy has a clear and immediate effect on her reputation.

The actress has filed a petition requesting a ban on the telecast of her objectionable videos on various websites, mobile applications and online forums including YouTube. Justice Asha Menon said that in these circumstances and in view of the fact that the plaintiff (actress) is entitled to ‘be alone’ and ‘forgotten’, she is entitled to protection from invasion of her privacy by strangers and anonymous callers.

The woman’s lawyer claimed that she is a well-known actress, especially in Bengali films, and was approached by a production house for a web-series. The lawyer argued that the plaintiff was asked to participate in a video or trailer, which included some open-ended scenes, as promised to the woman to play the lead role in the web-series. However, the project failed and the web-series was not produced.

The petition states that in December, 2020, the woman came to know about the videos that the producer had uploaded on his YouTube channel and website. The producers later removed those clips at the request of the actress. However, without the consent of the woman, various websites have uploaded her videos and some of them have also posted objectionable and obscene comments on her.

The court directed online forums and others to remove such videos and audio clips by September 22. Along with this, the court allowed the woman to send this order to other electronic or digital platforms, if they are found to be broadcasting the video.

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