Heat knocked Buy this strong cooler in the range of just Rs 5 to 6 thousand, you will get 34 liter storage capacity

As soon as summer starts, the demand for air coolers has increased significantly.

If you are thinking of getting a cooler as soon as the summer starts, then we tell you the details of some strong coolers between 5 to 6 thousand.

The demand for coolers in India increases with the knock of summer. In such a situation, everyone starts searching for the perfect product in their budget. Almost every company launches its products keeping in mind the demand for budget segment air coolers in India. If you are thinking of getting a cooler too, then we tell you the details of some powerful coolers between 5 to 6 thousand.

PCF 25DLX: The capacity of this cooler is 24 liters. The company claims that it is cooler power saving. It has other features including turbo fan technology, powerful air throw, honeycomb pads for maximum cooling. The body of this cooler is thermoplastic, color white. The price of this cooler is only Rs 5,100.

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Bajaj: If the popular electronic company of India, Bajaj is called the leader of this segment, then it will not be a surprise, because the company gives you many options in this segment. The company’s Platini PX97 Torque 36-Liters Cooler, which has a capacity of 36 liters and is equipped with cooler speed control, air deflection, cooling pads and removable pads. The color white and weight of the cooler is 11.2 kg. The price of this cooler is only Rs 5,899.Bajaj TC 2007 Room Air Cooler: The storage capacity of this cooler from Bajaj is 34 liters. In this cooler, you are equipped with features such as blower technology, dust protection, overflow indicator and ice box along with water indication. This cooler has a body thermoplastic and weighs 12.5 kg. The price of this company’s cooler is Rs 5,990.

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Bajaj PC 2012 Air Cooler: The look of this cooler in the mid-segment range of the company is fantastic. This cooler is available in two color gray and white options. Its water capacity is 20 liters and body thermoplastic. This cooler has features such as overflow indicator, ice chamber. The company is also giving you one year warranty on this cooler. The weight of this cooler is 12.9 kg and the price is Rs 5,999.


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