Heart Disease Prevention: This smart speaker will tell your heart condition in time.

University of Washington research

-smart speaker batayega aapke dil ka haal

By: pushpesh

Published: 15 Mar 2021, 12:24 AM IST

Washington University researchers have designed a smart speaker that will detect abnormal heartbeat. For this, researchers have developed such a sonar technique through Artificial Intelligence, which will detect the vibration inside the chest. This gadget can be used as wearable or health hardware. Seeing the figures of which doctors can also treat through telemedicine. Washington University assistant professor Arun Sridhar recently shared the findings of the research.

So did research
The purpose of finding this technique is that people usually reach the doctor only after having a cordio related problem, so many times it is late. This gadget will increase the chances of getting treatment in time. Experts have also connected the speaker to the AI ​​system to detect cardiac arrest. It may take a few years to get this software approved.

This is how the software tested
The Smart Speaker Research Project started in 2019, but was halted due to the epidemic. Then at the end of last year the software was tested with 26 healthy participants and 24 cardiac patients. It found that smart speaker calculations were more accurate than ECG.

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