Heart Attack Symptoms: These symptoms appear in the body before a heart attack, be careful as soon as you get it.

new Delhi. Heart attacks are more likely to occur in winter. Because these days the blood of the body starts getting thick which causes attack. Along with this, in today’s time, the food and drink of people is also becoming the biggest reason for this. Because of this, the body has to face many problems.

These symptoms appear in the body before a heart attack
Heart attack is the most fatal disease in today’s time, which can come in the grip of a child from old to old. This disease comes in the chance, but we get signs of it long back. Due to lack of knowledge, we ignore him. And when there is a heart attack, there is no time to recover and the death of the person (Death) is done. Today, we are telling you the symptoms before getting a heart attack …

Pain arises on the right side of the chest
If you are complaining of chest pain or burning sensation on the right side, do not be careless at all. You should contact a doctor immediately. This can be a sign of a heart attack or any other heart problem.

Weakness and Fatigue

If you feel weakness and fatigue during work or after walking, then it can be a heart attack symptom. So get your doctor checked without delay.

Swelling of toes and ankles
If the veins of your body are swollen or there is swelling in the toes and ankles, then immediately go to the doctor. Actually, when the heart does not supply blood properly in the body, then the blood supply artery swells, due to which a heart attack can also occur.

Frequent dizziness
If you are feeling dizzy again and then be alert and get a checkup done by a doctor. Because this happens only when the blood does not reach the brain if the heart attack does not work properly. Due to this, dizziness starts. It can also be a sign of heart attack.

Trouble breathing
Due to the lack of proper functioning of the heart, the supply of blood and oxygen to the lungs is not done properly, due to which there is trouble in breathing. If you also have trouble breathing, then get a checkup done by the doctor. This is also a sign of heart attack.


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