Health Updates: If you have mild symptoms of corona, then follow these home remedies

Digital Desk, Delhi. The second wave of Corona has caused havoc across the country. There is an atmosphere of chaos. In such a situation, our advice is, stay at home, stay safe. Because so far millions of people have lost their lives due to this epidemic. If you have mild symptoms of corona then you must read this news. We will tell you some home remedies, with the help of which you will recover easily. With the help of these measures, the immune system will be strengthened and at the same time recovery will start to happen faster. Many people have become careless after getting vaccinated in a vaccination drive. In such a situation, they are still having these common symptoms associated with fever, cough and cold corona virus. So let’s tell you some special home remedies

Eat decoction
In mild symptoms, you should take a limited amount of decoction. Doctors have also suggested that, if a person feels a mild cold, cough and fever, then start drinking the decoction immediately. This will cause the bacteria present in your body to die. Now the question arises, how to make the decoction? So to make the decoction, add a little water to the gas and add small pieces of ginger to it. Now you added as much water. Boil the decoction until it becomes half. Also add some basil leaves and drink it 3-4 times a day. In addition to decoction, both of you should eat fresh food. Do not forget to eat anything leftover. This is not right for your health.

Concentrate on food and drink
If you are feeling cold, cough or tiredness then try to eat fresh and hot food. This will prove more beneficial for you. If you want, you can also add moong dal soup without salt and oil to your lunch. There is no need to eat too much food. Eat as much as you can fill your stomach and leave your stomach empty. To avoid the symptoms of corona, it should be eaten before 7 pm. This makes recovery faster.

Add spices to the diet
If you ever get fever, fatigue, cold, cough, then you should definitely eat some standing spices in your diet. They increase the body’s immunity. You can include spices like cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom and cloves in your meal. They are very beneficial. Also, eating turmeric powder and ginger in the meal will also provide great comfort. If you have a cold or cough, it will go away quickly. These spices have enormous potential to relieve mild symptoms of corona due to its ayurvedic properties.

Do not avoid vegetables
Now the thing is some green vegetables, which can help in fighting your corona. If you have mild cold, then start eating green vegetables, but take good care that the vegetables should be cooked well. Do not eat raw salad and vegetables under any circumstances. Take bitter gourd, loci there. Reduce the intake of brinjal, tomato, potato for a few days and do not consume alcohol at all with smoking.


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