Health Tips: Milk is beneficial for health, but avoid these diseases

Health NewsNutritious milk keeps our body healthy. But people have less information about the right way and time etc. to take it.

Health Tips: Nutritious milk keeps our body healthy. But people have less information about the right way and time to take it. Know about the facts related to it.

use by boiling

According to Ayurveda, raw milk should be taken only from a healthy cow and it should be consumed immediately, otherwise there is a possibility of germs growing in it. In addition, it can cause problems like skin diseases, allergies and vomiting. It is better to use milk after boiling, it does not pose a risk of bacteria and its benefits are similar to raw milk.

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drug intake

In malaria, general fever, dry cough, pneumonia, physical weakness, heart related diseases, burns, piles, epilepsy, mental diseases, bone and joint pain, etc., the patient must take milk along with medicines. In these diseases, there is an excess of Vata and Pitta. Milk reduces this. It also cools the heat of medicines. Diarrhea, dysentery, obesity, diabetes, jaundice, liver diseases and such patients of arthritis whose joints are swollen, they should not use milk. In these diseases, the digestive system becomes weak and due to heavy milk, it is not easily digested. The patient may complain of acidity, indigestion and vomiting.

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keep in mind

Do not use milk with citrus fruits. Doing so can cause indigestion and irritation.
Do not take milk empty stomach. Always take it with breakfast. Being heavy, it can give the problem of stomach pain.
Taking milk after about an hour after having food at night, it pacifies the heat of the chili-spices of food.
Do not boil milk in aluminum, bronze, copper or unglazed brass utensils. Due to this, due to the passage of metal in milk, there may be a problem of nausea, dizziness and vomiting etc.

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