Health: these 5 natural ways to strengthen your bones

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Strong bones play a very important role in our healthy life. With age, bones get weaker, lose their flexibility, so it is very important that we pay attention to our health. By paying a little attention to eating and drinking, we can make our bones strong. Paying little attention to food and eating means avoid eating excessive junk food, do not smoke continuously. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you 5 natural ways by which we can make our bones strong-

1- Take calcium and exercise regularly
For strong bones, it is very important to have plenty of calcium in the food. If you include cheese, ladyfinger, cheese, almonds, peas and beans in your diet, you can avoid bone structure and diseases. Apart from all these, regular exercise will improve your health. By doing exercise, not only will your health be fine, but the bones will also be fit. There will be no swelling in bones and bones will become strong.

2- Eat more of Vitamin D
Talk about calcium and not mention of vitamin D? Calcium cannot be absorbed without vitamin D. The rays of the sun are found either in the right amount till 8 am or till 4 pm in the evening and this time is the best time to take vitamin D. Another way is to take vitamin E rich foods like mushrooms, soy milk, oranges, cow’s milk and eggs in plenty. In the same way, foods rich in vitamin K like cauliflower, sprouts, broccoli and grains are all beneficial for the development of bones.

Eat 3-protein
Did you know that protein reduces the risk of bone structure because it increases bone density? It helps in reducing further diseases related to bones. Eat protein shakes, protein bars and all other types of protein-rich foods for strong bones.

4- Eat green leafy vegetables, avoid sugar and caffeine
Eat greens in maximum quantity. Greens and green leafy vegetables contain plenty of minerals and nutritious elements, which is nourished by eating bones inside. On the other hand, if you pay attention to your sugar, coffee and alcohol consumption, then it will be a bonus for bones.

5-Magnesium in food, increase zinc intake
Bones are not weakened simply because of calcium deficiency. Zinc and magnesium are also needed to keep bones strong. Zinc bone building is essential for the creation and development of sales. Flaxseeds, oysters, fenugreek, fish, pumpkin, nuts, dark chocolate, cereals are all rich sources of magnesium and zinc.


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