Health: The juice of pipet leaves is full of medicinal properties, know its 5 benefits

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Papaya – a multipurpose fruit. Not only Akala papaya, its entire plant is also full of medicinal properties. Its leaves are also known for their highly potent medicinal properties. Just as yellow, orange, fruits are full of vitamins, similarly green papaya leaves contain vitamins A, C, E, K, B. Along with this, it contains plenty of calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium. Papaya leaves are used to cure many diseases. Its juice works wonders. Let us tell you some extraordinary health benefits of papaya leaf juice:

1. Beneficial in Dengue:
Due to dengue, there is a lack of platelet count in our blades. Papaya leaf juice works like a miracle in increasing platelets. Taking 25 ml juice of papaya leaves with water twice a day helps in fighting dengue.

2. Beneficial for liver:
Papaya leaf extracts improve your liver functioning. The healing properties of juice have the ability to cure chronic liver diseases – jaundice, liver kirrhosis. It naturally detoxifies the liver and cleans toxins from the liver.

3. Skin improves hair:
By applying papaya juice on your body, dry skin problem is overcome. It acts as a natural moisturizer. Pimples reduce pimples. Excess oil inhibits secretion. Papaya juice is also helpful in hair growth, Dandruff.

4. Cures Malaria:
Papaya leaf juice contains acetogonin compound which works effectively for the treatment of malaria. Its plasmodynamic properties indirectly manage malaria fever.

5. Regulates diabetes and enhances digestion:
The medicinal property of pipette juice helps to increase insulin sensitivity and control blood sugar levels. It reduces oxidative stress, prevents kidney damage. Its enzymes work wonders for stomach ulcers and indigestion.


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