Health News: What is monkey pox, know its symptoms and methods of prevention

Monkeypox symptoms and prevention: You must have heard about Chicken Pox, Small Pox but have you ever heard about Monkeypox. Yes, monkey pox is also a rare disease that causes smallpox or chicken pocks It’s like that. In this also flu Like symptoms start appearing. when the disease becomes severe pneumoniae After Pneumonia, the symptoms of life-threatening sepsis also appear. It is a serious disease which in recent times America I have seen it in one or two people.

American Center for Disease and Prevention (CDS) recently announced that a man in the city of Maryland has been confirmed with monkeypox. this person Nigeria had returned from Even before this, a person was identified in which monkeypox was confirmed. The disease was first found in Nigeria around 1958. Patients of this disease were not seen in recent years, but monkeypox has started knocking again in Nigeria for the last one or two years.

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What are the symptoms of monkeypox

healthline In the news of CDS, it has been told that monkey pox is a rare disease that starts with flu-like symptoms. That is, in the beginning, there is only cold, cold in this disease. After this, swelling starts in the lymph nodes, then red rash like rash starts coming on the face and body. Robert Glatter, of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, told that the virus of the same family is responsible for monkeypox as the virus of the family is responsible for smallpox.

How does this disease spread

Like the corona virus, it can pass from one infected person to another infected person. Apart from this, this disease can be transmitted to others by any kind of object that touches the body. Not only this, if another person uses the clothes of the infected person, then he can also get this disease.

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what is the treatment

However, there is no cure for monkey pox. In this, the person is at risk of complications like pneumonia. An infected person can also develop sepsis and the cornea can be completely damaged. In this the person can also become blind. Usually the body heals it but in some cases the disease gets out of control. Scientists say that this disease can be avoided with the small pox vaccine.

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