Health: Increase immunity during corona period, use these 6 things

Digital Desk, Delhi. Corona infection continues to wreak havoc worldwide. In such a situation, from doctors to researchers, it is believed that to fight the corona, it is very important to have strong immunity. For this, we need to consume some things in our daily life that increase the immunity of our body. We will tell you about 6 such things which will be helpful in boosting the immune system of your body in the corona period.

1- Basil Tea
Tulsi tea is very effective in increasing immunity. Let us know that Tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties, which gives strength to your body to fight against any disease. The Ministry of AYUSH has also described the use of Tulsi as an anti-disease enhancer.

Tulsi-pepper tea is an effective immunity booster and helps in fighting seasonal infections. If three to four leaves of basil, two black pepper and a clove are boiled in 2 glasses of water, after 2 minutes of humming it everyday Drink will not affect any infection in your body.

2- Giloy
The use of both Giloy leaves or roots will make you stronger. Explain that calcium, protein, phosphorus are found in sufficient quantity in the leaves of Giloy and its stems also contain good amount of starch. Besides metabolic system, fever, cough, colds and gastrointestinal problems, it can protect you from many major diseases. You can consume it by boiling it in water, as tea or by making juice.

3- Lemon-Ginger
Lemon has anti-oxidant properties, which are known not only for strong immune system but also for improving digestion. Lemonade should be consumed to increase immunity. The right time to drink lemonade is in the morning. If you drink lemonade on an empty stomach, it can also help in removing constipation of the stomach.

Ginger has many medicinal properties. It keeps the infected diseases away from you. Ginger contains good amount of elements like protein, fat, carbohydrate, iron, calcium and iodine. It is effective in increasing the body’s resistance. Ginger is considered a good antibiotic. Every type of infection can be avoided by drinking a cup of ginger juice.

4- Turmeric water
Turmeric is found in abundant antiseptic and antibiotic. Which, if consumed, increases the ability of anti-inflammatory and disease-resistant. According to doctors, turmeric contains an element called lipopolysaccharide which makes the immune system strong. Turmeric water should be consumed on an empty stomach every morning. You will benefit more by drinking this water in the morning.

5- Honey and Pepper
Eating a spoonful of black pepper powder mixed with honey will give you relief from a cold and cough, as well as if you are healthy and want to avoid phlegm-cold, you can take this mixture once a day. This will help increase your immunity.

6- Apple Vinegar
Consuming apple vinegar with honey will give you a lot of benefits. It is also called Apple Cider Vinegar. Honey and apple vinegar contain many anti-oxidants that can strengthen the immune system. Take 1 part of apple vinegar mixed with 5 parts warm water and 2 tablespoons of honey and you will benefit.


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