HDFC customers bat, bank hikes FD interest rates after 29 months

new Delhi. The largest private sector bank has given a big gift to its customers. The bank has increased the interest rates of fixed deposits with the beginning of the new financial year. After a long wait of 29 months, the bank gave the gift of paying higher interest on fixed deposits. Let us tell you that after October 2018, the bank has decided to increase the interest rates.

The bank has increased interest rates on fixed deposits by 0.25 per cent. The bank has decided to increase the interest rates on FD to 10.25 basis points for 33 to 99 months. The bank has implemented the new rates only from 30 March 2021.

According to the new rates, the interest rate of 33 months FD will be 6.20%. Whereas, the 66-month FD will now get 6.60 percent interest. Whereas, on FD of 99 months, you will now get interest at the rate of 6.65 per cent. Apart from this, senior citizens will get additional benefits. For the same time, senior citizens will get 0.25% more interest on FD than ordinary.

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