Happy Teacher’s Day 2021: Happy Teacher’s Day through these messages

Happy Teacher’s Day Wishes: The occasion of Teacher’s Day is very special. On this day, not only the students studying in the present hall, but those people also remember their teachers and thank them, who have completed their studies a long time ago. To show respect to your teachers, you can send them greetings with the help of these messages, quotes and SMS given here.

Teacher day Feather good luck Message….

1) To follow the lesson of true justice, the teacher tells us,

To fight life’s struggles, teachers teach us.

Happy Teacher’s Day

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2) Get Guru Gobind Dou standing Kake Lagai.

Balihari Guru, you have told Govind Dio.

Happy Teacher’s Day

3) Be it poor or rich, all the same for the teacher,

Teacher’s boat shore, teacher’s support for drowning,

As the teacher always says, hard work is the true jewel.

Happy Teacher’s Day

4) Gururbrahma grururvishnuh gururdevo maheshwarah.

Guru: Sakshat Param Brahm Tasmai Sri Gurve Namah.

Happy Teacher’s Day

5) I don’t know how to say thank you, just need your blessings every moment,

Where I am today, I have a big contribution in that, all of you who have given me so much knowledge.

Happy Teacher’s Day

6) You have made me capable, that I may achieve my goal,

You have given so much support all the time, whenever I felt that I was defeated.

Happy Teacher’s Day

7) What is right, what is wrong,

You teach these lessons,

What is lie and what is truth

You explain this thing,

When I don’t understand anything,

You make the way easy.

Happy Teachers’ Day

8) If you give a cut to a diamond, the price increases.

If you have the wealth of knowledge, then your life is saved.

If you keep fruits and flowers in front of the Lord, it becomes a prasad.

If the disciple bows before the guru, then he becomes a human being.

Happy Teachers’ Day

9) Who makes us a good and true person,

Give the recognition of right and wrong,

Many thanks to those teachers.

Happy Teachers’ Day

10) A day spent with a great teacher,

Reading diligently is better than 1000 days.

Happy Teachers’ Day

11) You are the inspiration of my life,

You are my guide

You are the beacon of life,

Happy Teachers’ Day

12) Where is the Guru without knowledge?

His knowledge has neither beginning nor end here.

Where the Guru gave education,

The idol of etiquette arose there.

Happy Teachers’ Day

13) A good teacher is like a candle,

He ignites himself and shows the way to others.

Happy Teacher’s Day

14) Literates make us,

Explain what is life

When we fall, we give up courage.

Only such great people are called teachers.

Happy Teachers’ Day

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15) A good teacher awakens hope,

Ignites the imagination.

Happy Teacher’s Day

16) Highest position of Guru

Guru Bin Koi Na Duza

Guru should cross everyone’s line

Guru’s glory is immense

Happy Teachers’ Day

17) The flame of knowledge has been lit by removing ignorance,

We have learned by staying with you,

When we stray on the wrong path,

So you have shown us the right path.

Happy Teachers’ Day

18) To educate us,

the hard work you did,

and tried,

We will be forever grateful to him.

Happy Teacher’s Day

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